Reference materials and useful links

1. ‘Looked after children and registration’:

2. ‘Good character’ requirement on children’s registration as British citizens’: character-provisions/

3. ‘Children are being priced out of their rights’:

4. ‘British born children entitled to British citizenship caught in an evidence trap’:

5. ‘Being British is one thing but proving it is another’ (citizenship of children born to EEA nationals):

6. Comprehensive briefing on children’s British registration fee for lawyers, academics etc:

Click to access fees_briefing_revised_june_2018.pdf

7. Briefing for Parliamentarians on children’s British registration fees:

MPs Briefing on Fees 6 April 2017

8. Briefing for peers on children’s British registration fees:

Briefing for Peers_JUNE 2018 FINAL

9. Submission to Human Rights Select Committee on UK’s record on children’s citizenship rights:                                                                

10. Article for social workers published by No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF), May 2017:

11. Children’s Human Rights Network of Amnesty UK blog and petition on children’s registration fee:

12. Article in the Vice, ‘The British-Born Kids Who Can’t Afford to Be British’:

13. Amnesty International UK press release on Chris Riddell (Children’s Laureate) and children’s registration fee:

14. Stateless children born in the UK and citizenship rights, LegalVoice:

15. “Stateless children born in the UK with an entitlement to registration”, ENS, 14 June 2017:

16. Barriers to citizenship facing stateless children born in the UK, ENS, 17 May 2018:

17. Note for ILPA (members only) on High Court judgment of MK v SSHD (evidence and meaning of stateless in relation to entitlement application of stateless children born in the UK):

18. Note for Lexis Nexis (subscribers only) on High Court judgment of MK v SSHD:

19. Church of England motion on British citizenship fees:

20. Training slides on British citizenship for young persons:

21. Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI) report, A short inspection of the Home Office’s application of the good character requirement in the case of young persons who apply for registration as British citizens:

22. The Home Office response to the Independent Chief Inspector’s report, ‘A Short Inspection of the Home Office’s application of the good character requirement in the case of young persons who apply for registration as British citizens’:

PRCBC’s letter to Immigration Minister:

Children_Good-Character_ICIBI (1)

Minister’s reply to PRCBC:

Response_ICIBI_ good character and children

23. PRCBC’s written evidence to the Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement:

24. How the government profiteers from children needing to register as British citizens:

25. PRCBC Leaflet for Parents, Carers and Children:


26. Historical injustice for persons born out of wedlock and their right to British citizenship still lingers on:

Nationality law: righting the wrongs of history, Alison Harvey, No.5 Chambers:

27. BBC News, Home Office citizenship fees ‘scandalous’:

28. Quartz, Thousands of qualified people can’t get UK citizenship—because they can’t afford it:

29. Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, Literature review on how the Home Office ensures it acts in the best interests of the child when conducting its immigration, asylum and nationality functions, specifically how it determines, reviews and secures the child’s best interests (see chapter 6 for children and citizenship):

Click to access Literature_review_UASC_-_FINAL__Dec_2017_.pdf

30. House of Lords motion of regret on Immigration and Nationality Regulations 2018 in connection with fee for children’s British citizenship registration, 18/4/2018:

See now item 39 (below).

31. House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Engagement report, “The Ties that Bind: Citizenship and Civic Engagement in the 21st Century” (see chapter 9 of report on fees, good character requirement recommendation):

32. The fee for children to register as British is the next Windrush scandal, Freemovement, 19/4/2018:

33. The Times, Government accused of overcharging for citizenship, 19/4/2018:

34. Written evidence to the Human Rights Select Committee on proposal for a remedial order:

35. The Guardian, The Home Office’s dirty secret: a whole new generation of Windrushers:

36. Promiscuous? Divorced, Eccentric-looking? You many be denied a passport, The Economist:

37. Britain creates a more hostile environment, The Economist:

38. Ruth Lister on the scandalously high citizenship fees affecting descendants of the Windrush generation:

39. House of Lords Motion of regret on children’s citizenship fees debate, 12 June 2018:

40. Refusal of new passports for children raises DNA testing fears:

41. Slash ‘obscene’ Home Office fees say MPs and campaigners, the Guardian:

42. Young people struggle to get UK citizenship due to £,1012 cost,

43. Home Office faces legal challenge over UK children citizenship fee, the Guardian:

44. PRCBC announcement on High Court children ‘s citizenship fee challenge:


45. PRCBC, Mishcon De Reya, Amnesty UK and Garden Court joint press release on PRCBC high court children’s citizenship fee challenge:

46. Home Office makes almost £100m profit from children registering as British citizens over 5 years, the Independent:

47. Amnesty UK and PRCBC petition on children’s citizenship fees:

48. Amnesty UK and PRCBC youtube film clip on children’s citizenship fee: 

49. Call for children’s citizenship charge to be lowered [West Sussex council]:

50. Harrow Council criticises child citizenship costs:

51. Citizenship fee causes school to miss out on pupil premium cash:

52. House of Commons Early Day Motion on children’s citizenship fee and raising awareness and debate:

And debate on motion on 4 September 2018:

53. Commentary on British Nationality Bill 1981 parliamentary debates relating to citizenship fees, August 2018 (written by Steve Valdez-Symonds):

Commentary_ Hansard BNA 1981 _registration_Aug 2018

54. Legal opinion on good character requirement for registration of children and young people as British citizens, September 2018 (written by Ronan Toal):

Legal opinion – good character RT for public

55. Joint PRCBC & Amnesty International UK article on Reasserting Rights to British Citizenship Through Registration (Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality):

IANL Reasserting rights to British citizenship through registration 34.2

56. Susan’s Blog: Why is the Government profiteering from my children’s British citizenship rights?

PRCBC and Amnesty UK joint Briefing to the Lords

Our joint Briefings to the Lords on the Immigration and Social Security Coordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill 2019-2021 concerning children, including children in care, can be found here:

PDF version:

July 2020

lords_briefing_joint-aiuk-prcbc_eu-withdrawal_-bill-2019-2021-2 (2)

September 2020

Joint AIUK PRCBC Briefing Immigration Bill 2019-2021 (Amendment 16 – British citizenship)

Our joint submissions to Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI) on his further inspection of EU Settlement Scheme, July 2020:


Short History of PRCBC ‘s work in the last 10 years, November 2012-2022