Astalli Rasidaki

Astalli is a senior trust fundraiser in a medical charity. Previously, she was a caseworker in a leading charity, where she registered as an OISC adviser. She volunteered with PRCBC between 2015-2018 at our monthly Saturday caseworker. Astalli became a Trustee in 2019 supporting PRCBC Board with fundraising and much more.  
Carol Bohmer
Carol Bohmer

Carol has been involved in PRCBC since its inception in late 2012. She is a lawyer and sociologist with many years of academic and practical experience in the field of immigration. She has taught at Cornell, Rutgers, Georgetown and McGill Law Schools, Dartmouth College, University of Lund in Sweden and King’s College, London. She has done pro bono legal and counselling work in the USA and the UK in asylum and immigration.

Pauline Gooderson
Pauline is a retired child and young people’s counsellor and a former immigration solicitor at Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre. Pauline is vice chair of the Board of Trustees of PRCBC.
Jose Luis Herrera Santos

Jose Luis is an accountant and joined PRCBC Board of trustees in June 2022.


Rita Chadha

(Management and Equality)
Rita has worked in the community and voluntary sector for over 27 years with a particular specialism in crisis management and equalities. Between 2006-2016 she was CEO of RAMFEL, and led the national campaign against the Go Home Vans. 
Precious Arabambi (Youth)

Precious is studying Digital Television Production at Ravensbourne University London.Precious is also a PRCBC youth consultant. She was born in Nigeria and was brought to the UK when she was 3 years old. She enjoys making documentaries about subjects that are important to her. She campaigns for young people who have lived in the UK almost for most of their lives.  
Sue Shutter

Sue is an OISC registered caseworker, former caseworker and main author of the first three editions of the JCWI Immigration & Nationality Law Handbook. Sue was an assistant of Fiona Mactaggart when she was MP for Slough. Sue is also chair of the Board of Trustees for Slough Immigration Aid Unit (SIAU).Sue is PRCBC’s treasurer.