Our advice and assistance services

PRCBC is able to assist a limited number of young persons, who are destitute or are from low income households, with their complex citizenship matters.

This work is done on a pro bono basis (for free) and is partly supported by grants and qualified solicitors volunteering with us.

We are also able to provide a limited private service to local authorities on a fixed fee basis.

Our Advice line is by appointment only.

  1. Our pro bono Advice Line service for young people on low income or destitute

If you wish to book an advice line slot, please fully complete our advice line referral form below. If you have difficulties with completing our form, please e-mail advice@prcbc.net

2. Our pro bono casework service for young people on low income or destitute

These are normally on the first Saturday of the month and the session is run by qualified volunteers. We will seek to accommodate young people’s specific needs, and having regard to experience of the coronavirus pandemic, by a combination of post, phone, Zoom etc.

3. Our private casework service for local authorities

We provide private advice casework and representation to local authorities for their looked after children at a subsidised fixed fee rate. Please e-mail us referral form and for a quote.

Please read our Booklet:

“Children and their Rights to British Citizenship”

Printable copy of our Booklet

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November 2022