Our Work and Referrals for advice and assistance

** We are currently unable to accept new referrals and we don’t operate a waiting list. 

Due to a high volume of referrals and limited resources, PRCBC is only able to assist a very limited number of destitute children and young adults with complex citizenship claims.

PRCBC under the umbrella of Migrants Resource Centre (MRC) is able to act privately for local authorities seeking representation for their looked after children. Local authorities  can contact us by e-mail prcbc@migrants.org.uk

Please do have a look at our leaflet “Children and their rights to British Citizenship” for parents and carers and children (updated in May 2018).

PRCBC referral form:

prcbc referral_form_2019_jan

Solange Valdez-Symonds

Supervising Solicitor of Migrants Resource Centre and Director of PRCBC

23 January 2019