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Comic and illustration: Gabi Froden and PositiveNegative

Children and their rights to British citizenship

Lack of awareness of British citizenship rights remains a profound concern. Many children are growing up in the UK, including many children born in the UK, either unaware that they are not currently regarded as British citizens or that they have rights to British citizenship. They include many children in care. It is vital that children, their parents and carers, including local authorities, understand these rights and are able to ensure children secure these rights.

Our booklet available on this page is intended to help children, parents and carers understand rights to British citizenship

To download a pdf version of this booklet Children and their Rights to British Citizenship

Limited hard copies of this new booklet will be made available from 22 November 2022.  To request this, please email


Comic and illustration: Gabi Froden and PositiveNegative