During the course of Solange Valdez-Symonds’ work as a solicitor, she kept seeing cases of children and young people who had a right to register but who had either lost that right or had suffered years of abuse, destitution, isolation, detention and loss of basic rights due to their lack of British citizenship.

Solange decided to create PRCBC in late November 2012 after she reduced her paid working days to make time for her PRCBC pro bono work. She initially ran this on her own from home, one day a week.

Two weeks later, Carol Bohmer sent an e-mail listing her impressive work and life experience and asked to join PRCBC. In July 2013, Solange was appointed as a Supervising Solicitor at Ealing Law Centre who agreed to host PRCBC from September 2013. Both Solange and Carol continued running PRCBC in the evenings and weekends until funding was secured and allocated to Ealing Law Centre for the work of PRCBC.

PRCBC became a registered charitable company on the 3rd August 2015. Thanks to the Chair of PRCBC for covering the legal costs which made possible the development of this vision into a reality. On 31 January 2020, PRCBC was registered as a charity with the Charities Commission.

PRCBC was hosted by Consonant (formerly MRC) from April 2016 until 20 March 2020.

From 20 March 2020, PRCBC has its new office in Hammersmith and is now independently registered to deliver nationality law services by OISC at level 3.