Testimonial Clients

Back in 2021, we were in contact regarding my son’s application for British Citizenship which was refused back in 2017 due to a legal technicality cut-off date.

I wanted to let you know that I re-applied using your sound advice and excellent timeline and chronology analysis and this time around he was successful. He received his British Citizenship certificate a few days yesterday and we will apply for his passport shortly.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your advice, clear and logical thought process and pragmatic no-nonsense approach. 

Your help and positive support were invaluable as I was very close to giving up. 

Many many thanks to you and your team members. Please forward this mail to any member who was involved in this case…

Kind regards and best wishes.



I am very pleased to inform you that finally my children received their registration certificate this afternoon by at a Sheffield city council citizenship ceremony.

I would like to share my feelings but I can’t express them with my own words just to tell you Thank you. My thoughts and prayers and feelings are much more than a Thank you but my English is not good enough but I sincerely appreciate your help and support on my children’s difficult citizenship registration. 

H and J’s father

H (14 at time of application and now 17) J (16 at time of application and now 19)

N (mother of three children under 14 and born in the UK)
“Just want to thank you and you team for everything you have done for me and my children. Your advice and guidance were wonderful and I must say that ‘ you are the best solicitor in the world.
Your professional opinion on my case helped me to overcome the challenges I was facing for the past 2 years, you showed empathy and compassion, I am so grateful.
Thanks ever so much.”
A Family

I don’t know where to start from, but I just must start by saying thank you very much for your support in making my son’s dream of becoming a British citizen a reality at this time. If not for your support, it would have been delayed.

I almost gave up, but you encouraged me to be steadfast and be strong. At that moment of our vulnerability you stood up for us and fought our battle as your battle. Thank you very much for walking the walk with us, we are all very grateful.

Abdulsamad sends his greeting, so also is his sister Amal who is full of expectation that her case will not experience turbulence as Abdul’s….. Their mother too sings your praises and cannot thank you enough. The whole family is proud of the battle you fought and won on our behalf.

On behalf of the whole family, I say a VERY BIG THANK YOU.


R Family 
PRCBC does a huge amount of work towards a very good cause. It was not easy for me to find out about  this project. I had to ask a number of organisations to do so. However since I had an amazing support since I approached the project. Not only project co-operated very well with our personal circumstances, I always had the guidance and information to help my child to gain her long waited Citizenship. My family is relieved by this outcome. I cannot thank  PRCBC enough  for their great service. I appreciate the National campaigns and trainings that you d to help all the vulnerable children out there. I will also help to spread the word in Wales via different organisations / social media in Wales. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Adenuga Family

Solange is a life saver. She helped gain British citizenship for my two children even though everyone thought it was impossible due to the complexities of their cases. She refused to give up even when the refusals kept coming in quick succession.

PRCBC is an utterly reliable and professional organisation. We were kept in the loop at all times. PRCBC helped secure the futures of my children in the UK. We will be eternally grateful.


Victoria and family 

I’m Victoria’s father and writing on behalf of the whole family.  We are a family of 5 with Victoria being the first born. The other 2 children were born in UK. She was born in Nigeria and came to UK to settle at the age of 6. Victoria is a disabled child with speech, learning difficulties and with ASD. Things are not really okay for the family in all aspect. Victoria is 16 when we approached PRCBC after a good friend told us about this charitable company.  An application was put in in August 2018 by the professionals (solicitor) working in PRCBC.

To cut a long story short, Victoria registered as a British citizen at the end of September 2018. All glory be to the most high God for using this wonderful solicitor for us as a family to obtain British citizenship. When I was called I was at work rolling and shouting praise the Lord.
We wish to use this medium to say a very BIG THANK you to the founder, volunteers etc working for PRCBC. You made a big difference to our life and we pray that the Almighty God will continually bless and increase you and the company in all ways even beyond your wildest imagination.
We shall be thinking and get back to PRCBC ways to support this noble cause. We will spread this good news about PRCBC to the whole world.
Thank you.
Victoria’s family.


Thank you SOOOOO much for everything honestly, I’ve never been so happy in my life. Me, my mum and my sister have been waiting for this moment for years and now we’re here because of you. Thank you so much, I am genuinely Honestly Grateful for all your work and effort to get us our citizenship. I’ll make sure my mum sends photos of the ceremony to you and may God Bless you abundantly!
Anyway have a great day and may you continue making a difference in people’s lives.
From Tauraii 😆😄

Terry and Mary (former foster parents of Sharmin)

What it means for us for Sharmin to have been registered as a British citizen:

My wife and I met Sharmin in 2009, when she was only a young girl. We were her foster carers. She was very frightened and confused. Over the years we have come to love her like she was our own daughter and were adamant she was going to remain safe and happy with us in the UK.

After many days in court and loads of paperwork – not forgetting the constant worry and heartache of the possibility she could be taken away at any time – we finally ran out of options. Even social services could offer no more advice. We were pointed in the direction of PRCBC and made an appointment in London, a very daunting task. We met a PRCBC volunteer – an extremely friendly and professional lady – who made us feel easy and welcome. She gave us the options available and what were the advantages of both. We proceeded with her instructions and were always kept informed of the progress of Sharmin’s case.

Sharmin is now a British citizen and has changed her name to ours. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we can now continue our lives taking for granted what all British citizens enjoy. We cannot thank PRCBC enough and are so glad we went to see them.


Celene’s mum

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the brilliant work, knowledge and experience you have shown towards dealing with Celene’s case for registration as a British citizen.

Your assurance, handling the case, in the most worrying time, you helped us to deal with it in stages. We put all our trust in you handling this case with the confidence and the little room for bad news you showed us hope.

Money was not a big issue but focusing on the legal work at hand was your great pride. You said “90% of the work is done just that 10% to complete don’t give up”. You helped to see us through to the end. That hope brought us joy and happiness.

There are no words to express how delighted we are for the encouragement you showed us and for the amazing results you produced.

Thank you again.


Daryl and Dasia’s mum

It was after today’s citizenship ceremony that the magnitude of what you and your colleagues have done for my children actually hit home in an abundant rush. Emotions were high.

You are such a blessing and an outstanding member of your profession. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being and believing in destiny changes. I wouldn’t have wanted any other organisation or person to have dealt with our case because you provided that extra personal touch which was more than just a job. Your name will forever be part of our family’s history. Thank you ever so much for everything.


Richard’s mum

Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for what you’ve done for me and my son. You’ve really changed our lives forever. I wish there was something I could do to show how much I appreciate what you’ve done for us. I bake. I know this is not enough but please receive it as a symbol of our appreciation. What is your favourite cake? Red velvet, carrot , banana, vanilla, Nutella, coconut or Oreo? Please let me know which one you prefer because I really want to show my appreciation and also when you’ll be in the office so I can present it. Thank you so so much, God richly bless you.


…Words cannot explain how grateful and thankful I am for your help during this whole process. From what I have seen over the past year, you are an amazing lawyer with great passion for what you do. You went the extra mile and even when I was in doubt after the refusal, you had hope and this pushed me also to have hope that it would all work out –  and for sure it did. I cannot thank you and PRCBC for all your help, passion and care.

I will book my son’s ceremony this weekend and I would be more than delighted to write an article about the process and take many pictures at the ceremony!

I would like to express immeasurable gratitude to you especially and your dedicated team in securing my children their British registration. I would especially applaud you in my child’s case as you believed and with great convictions you challenged the Home Office’s decision. The kids and I are very thrilled. Please pass my warmest gratitude to everyone involved in making our dream reality.


I am eternally grateful for all the hard work you have done on my behalf. Words cannot explain how much this means to me. Once again thank you. Some people pass through the world and leave it as they found it. But people like you take time to do something special for others that make the world more beautiful.


I have no words to say thank you for sorting my children’s nationality. I will always be remembering you in my prayers, may God always bless you and all your wishes always come true. You people came into my life when there was no hope and no ray of light. You showed me the right direction and now I can face the difficulties with dignity. Thank you very much for giving my children and me our dignity back. Bless you always. You people are true solicitors.


Thank you for all the great work you have done with my application. Without the work you have done, I wouldn’t have a chance to establish a normal legal life for my daughter and myself. Continuing to live in a way I did before you took our case on, struggling in this limbo with statelessness, domestic abuse, surreal financial existence, I would eventually breakdown irreparably, mentally or physically. I am passionately waiting to return to teaching and volunteering. I see you not only as a solicitor, but also as a fighter for justice. I think that you are currently giving more than you are receiving, and I wish you for that balance to be reestablished in a good way for you. I believe that many people’s lives have been and will be greatly improved thanks to you.

Thank you again for all your help.